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your city lies in dust
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11th-Aug-2011 05:06 am - [fic] Saudade
[art] charles dana gibson
Pairing - Charles/Erik
Summary - Erik is suspicious of his feelings for Charles, attributing them to telepathic manipulation. Written for this prompt on the kinkmeme. 

[art] charles dana gibson
Pairing - Charles/Erik
Summary -  Charles puts on Etta James and teaches Erik how to slow dance. Self-indulgent fluff of the highest order. WHAT AM I

2000 words, pgCollapse )

22nd-Jun-2011 11:15 pm - [fic] Shelter
[art] charles dana gibson
Pairing - Charles/Erik
Summary - Erik is too rough, and Charles is too tender. They almost get it right. But the realms of each other's bodies are foreign, incomprehensibly difficult to conquer. Written for this prompt at the kinkmeme.

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